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Connecting the act of retail selling with the enabling practices and technology, while never losing sight of the retailer’s bottom line and the customers’ desires.

Our work includes pragmatic studies and recommendations on best practices in customer experience, omnichannel and retail technology thought leadership.

Our Vision
for Growth

The customer has evolved, commerce is constantly changing and the physical store is undergoing transformation like never before.

Retail has always been about change but at the end of the day retail is retail. Both digital and physical are critical factors for growth. Our perspective is simple: We are living through a revolution, not an apocalypse. No merchant is exempt from this revolution, but all must strap in to ride it out successfully. Those who embrace the winds of change will flourish and those who ignore them will flounder or perish.

We re-examine all channels and revisit the retail playbook in the light of the times and recommend changes necessary for high performance businesses.

We Speak Retail

We’re knowledgeable, connected and collaborative. With our industry insights, we can understand your business requirements quickly, bringing an outside perspective and independent voice to formulating actionable recommendations that will resonate not only within your organization but more importantly with your customers.

Lauren Freedman

Work With
The Best

Lauren Freedman is president of the e-tailing group and an ecommerce pioneer.

The last 20 years, Lauren has advised some of the most admired retailers on numerous topics related to customer experience. In addition, Lauren was the instigator and main consultant for the first industry-wide online mystery shopping survey that provided data for 20 years to retailers and established metrics for the industry at large.

At the same time, Lauren has contributed her retail experience to technology companies in terms of thought leadership and go-to-market strategies moving beyond the mundane white paper days.

Freedman is a go-to resource for the media, industry speaker and author of It’s Just Shopping.


The customer experience is the foundation of our services and can be delivered for both digital and physical store selling. Thought leadership leverages this knowledge to guide retailers and gain media traction.


The e-tailing group has a long track record of producing deliverables that resonate with retailers. We are known to create innovative thought leadership pieces in a variety of formats, and compelling go-to-market strategies that are key to effective demand generation and customer retention programs.

  • Consumer Insights Research
  • Retailer Interviews
  • Content Development (ebooks, infographics, white papers, blogs)
  • Presentations (webinars, podcasts, press releases)
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Digital conversion optimization for retailers across the category landscape is facilitated through customized benchmarking, omnichannel mystery shopping and best practice recommendations.

  • Mystery Shopping Assessments
  • Customer Experience Audits
  • Competitive Benchmarking
  • Best Practices

Physical Store Pivot

While digital is the darling of today’s shopper, we believe that the physical store is the cornerstone around which much of how tomorrow’s retail will organize itself. The e-tailing Group will be a critical resource to help chart and prioritize experiments and assess their results.

  • Store Rap Sheets
  • Opportunity Analyses
  • Associate Motivation
  • Retail Experience Benchmarking
Media Resource

Media Resource

We appreciate the role of the media and enjoy sharing research, opinions and providing a straight up perspective



A 25-year front-row seat to digital commerce sets the stage for lectures, research overviews or collaborations.



Delivering engaging presentations, from intimate gatherings to large trade audiences is an art form we have mastered.



It’s Just Shopping: The Retail Resurgence - Our focus shifts to the future of retail, the revitalization of the physical store and the true merging of the shopping experience.

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