The earliest online shopping experience I remember is waiting for AOL to load in my hotel room in the mid-90’s.

My customer service pet peeve is a customer service rep who is not empowered to solve a problem.

The technology that I couldn’t live without is email (I know I’m dating myself!)


Lauren Freedman is a seasoned 20–year e-commerce veteran, author of It's Just Shopping as well as a recognized and respected figure in omni-channel retail. She has a passion for merchandising that she has parlayed as president of the e-tailing group, evangelists for merchandising and customer service best practices. Her company's annual mystery shopping and merchant surveys provide a comprehensive overview of cross-channel commerce, setting industry standards while simultaneously highlighting best practices.

She founded the e-tailing group in 1993 after an extensive career as a buyer/merchandiser and her company has evolved to be one of the premier e-commerce consultancies. They advise retailers on merchandising, strategy and customer experience best practices while simultaneously developing thought leadership and go-to-market strategies for top technology companies.

Lauren's subject matter expertise coupled with her candid and charismatic style make her a sought after speaker at conferences and a go-to-resource for the press. She may be contacted directly via email: